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Dr. Peter Williamson BC Registered Psychologist
Dr. Peter Williamson of couples 911

What can be more wonderful than arriving home to a warm, caring, sexy partner? Someone who is our heart’s safe haven, who will make us, despite our faults, feel better about ourselves, and better about going forward tomorrow. A partner with whom we can share laughter and delight, challenge and satisfaction. It’s normal to have excitement, passion and accomplishment together. It’s also normal to have bumps on the partnership road, sometimes severe ones. We can get through most of them ok, if we have the tools and know-how. I have helped a great many couples move beyond the bumpy places – to cooperation, communication, connection, intimacy – to a place where once again it can all feel worth it. I also have many tools and a lot of know-how. Let me help you regain the best you’ve had, and go beyond it.

At couples 911.org, you will find in me a marriage counselor who has helped many couples over the years with marital problems and relationship repair. I realize you may be exhausted by the couple’s issues you have grappled with, often for years. You may despair whether there is any advice on relationships that can truly help. I have tools and strategies to help give hope with even the most daunting of problems. I can help you evaluate what is missing from your partnership, also give specific remedies for conflict resolution, resolving problems and building trust and affection. I will work hard with you to increase meeting mutual deep needs, to afford better heart connections, and move forward with renewed warmth together. To nurture dreams, meaningful purpose and harmony. When you need help with your relationship, and have considered finding a marriage therapist or relationship counselor, please give me a call. Although I have a deep background and wide variety of training, I mainly focus on research-based Gottman Marriage Counselling and the Gottman Method. As of January 2019, I am one of only 7 Gottmann Institute Certified Couples Counsellors in BC. A complimentary approach is Dr. Susan Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy.

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